My Online Apps, Tools & Software Reviews & Recommendations for Selling on Amazon

Hiya! My name is Cindy and I am an Amazon Seller!

If that sounds like an addiction! I guess it kind of is 😂

Selling on Amazon and everything that comes with that can sometimes be confusing. I have learnt so much myself from paid training, free guides and courses, videos and the Amazon Selling Community, and I look forward to sharing it all here with you.

I often get asked which software or products I use, so I thought I would make it easy by putting it all in one place.


There are so many different types of software, tools and brands to choose from, so this might just help you out.


Choosing software is a personal choice and I have tried a lot of different Amazon Selling software, websites, tools and products, and here's what I love and what works for me.

This is not a pushy sales pitch, this is just what I am loving right now and currently using.  I will keep this page updated to reflect that.

Some of the links are affiliate links, so thank you if you decide to use them 💚


The software & apps I am currently using and couldn't live without!

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For me the most important part about selling on Amazon is getting the right product to sell. With Buy Bot Pro I can find out in seconds whether I should get the deal or not.

Buy Bot Pro is a deal calculator that tells me.....

1. If I am allowed to sell a product on my account, and that it isn't Hazmat or a Dangerous item.

2. How much profit that I will make, after Amazon's fees and tax. I can also add in any prep fees.

3. The amount of previous sales, number of predicted sales & suggested quantity to buy.

4. How many other sellers there are, and how much stock they have.

5. The likelihood of it causing an Intellectual Property violation on my Amazon account, and whether to avoid at all costs!

Buy Bot Pro analyses thousands of data points and gives your deal a score. It then allows you to copy all that information into your own spreadsheet.

It is very user friendly and what every new Amazon seller needs! Buy Bot Pro is currently £ 21.54 with Suspension Safeguard £29.94

If you're wondering whether or not to get BuyBotPro, why not try it out with a 14 day money back guarantee!

 Buy Bot Pro will refund you "if you don't agree it's the best investment you've ever made in your Online Arbitrage Business"

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Sourcing for deals is probably the area of selling on Amazon that makes people give up most often. It can be hard to find a deal when you are just starting out, and I would always recommend using a free trial for sourcing to get used to the stores and deals that work on Amazon.

I have tried several different types of sourcing software since I started my Amazon Selling Journey, and it is definitely a personal preference when it comes to how I like to search for deals.


Some people like to buy Deal sheets or Deal software or even use a Virtual Assistant. These can sometimes become saturated as many people buy the same deals.  

Arbitrage Hero works in a different way by searching online stores and finding matches on Amazon which you can see yourself. They also have VA's who find deals and as an extra bonus they give you a deal sheet everyday too.

What Arbitrage Hero does is search all the products on a website to see how the price compares to Amazon. It will then flag up any that you might be interested in. You can change your search criteria and options for price, ROI, rank and category.

I mainly use Arbitrage Hero for the sourcing software but it also has

  • Daily deal sheets

  • Wholesale sourcing

  • Amazon Inventory

  • Profit analysis & sales

Currently invite only 

Click here to try Arbitrage Hero 14 day FREE trial 

Currently £37 a Month

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When I first started selling, I tried Amazon's free Repricer that is in Seller Central. Like any Repricer you have to set the lowest and highest price that you want your product to sell for. The Amazon Repricer just put all my products to the lowest price and was pretty rubbish.


I kept hearing about Profit Protector Pro and although it sounded great I kept thinking that I wanted to save money and so I tried to reprice everything myself. That was a shambles as well.


I decided to try PPP as they had a 14 day money back guarantee, so if I wasn't happy then I wouldn't lose out. It's Amazing! You just put your lowest and highest price in and then you set the strategy you want to use.


I don't know how it does it, but it can get you sales over the buy box with its clever algorithm Magic.


You can use it as a website or as a google extension. It's very easy to use and best of all it is fully integrated with Buy Bot Pro.

Profit Pro Protector starts at £29.94 with 14 day money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Other Free Resources & Equipment I use to help me sell on Amazon

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This is the Profit & Loss software that you don't realise you need until you have it!

I was getting my profit and loss from Amazon Seller Central to begin with but as the sales started to flow I realised that it wasn't really cutting it, and as you don't add your cost of goods to Seller Central you don't get a real sense of profit unless you put it all back in a spreadsheet....which i did.....for about 5 minutes

Seller Toolkit gives you live profit and loss information showing you your inventory and every sale that you get. It also shows you any returns and any product issues, like breakages or missing stock, and gives you an option to ask Amazon for the money back for these, something you wouldn't even know about otherwise!

The Innovative and Game Changing Software Tool for All Amazon Sellers

Here's what you get:

  • FREE 14 Day Trial

  • 30% Off your first month of £32.99

  • Plus - FREE 14 Day Trial to the following Add-On's:

  • Auto Repricer ( coming soon )

  • Price Change History ( coming soon )

  • 3 Months Free Back data

  • Real Time Dashboard

  • Real Time Inventory Dashboard

  • Manual Repricing with Calculator

  • Auto Negative Feedback Alerts

  • Auto Replenish Management with Calculator

  • VAT Compatible for All VAT types

  • EFN or Pan Euro Compliant

  • Simple CoG Bulk Upload or Online Edit

  • Amazon Reports with Your CoG's Included

  • Additional Users

Click here to try Seller Toolkit 14 day FREE trial 

then 30% 1st Month

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Elite Sellers Academy is Amazing!!  In the first 2 weeks I learnt how to...
  • Add my own listings and bundles using barcodes and keywords (Amazon do not make it easy for sellers!). 
  • How to use advertising to propel my products to the front of the list and make it easy for buyers to find them. 
  • How to grow my inventory, and sourcing tips to get more profitable stock. (Live sourcing videos)
  • How to set goals and stick to them, which is such an important part of growing your business.
All the videos from previous training sessions are saved on your dashboard so you can catch up with all the past training, along with any PDF's or extra downloads. There is also access to a private Facebook group which is a lovely supportive community who help each other out, as well as having a huge amount of experience all in one place.
Natalie Crombie (Queen of everything Amazon) and Luke Dugan (a 7 figure seller) who run the Training and Mentorship, are so knowledgeable and fantastic at what they do, and between them they have over 10 years experience selling on Amazon 🤩.
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If you want to take your Amazon Selling to the next level and learn how to build, run and scale a real business and all the aspects that come along with that then this is the training for you!

 I Use The Amazon Premium Sourcing Sheet is In My Amazon Selling Business which makes my life so much easier. 

  • Add products to Amazon using Google scripts - such a time saver

  • Replenishables Tab, add products to a Replenishables sheet from your Buy Sheet which you can Filter by Store and Category. Great feature so you know exactly what you buy from each store.


  • Semi-Automated SKU Generator - I love this as I can make my own SKUs, exactly how I want them!

  • Dashboard with a Deal Tracker. Including a deals found per month table.


  • Store and Category tracker, see what stores and categories you source from the most

Use The Discount Code Mrsprime20 To Get 20% Off Normally £29.99

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Keepa is the most amazing piece of software and one of the cheapest that I have. There is a free option which is really good, but for $15 a month, I have the paid version which just has so much data available it makes my brain hurt a little. 


Lots of other Amazon software companies use Keepa to get their data that's how good it is!


There are many things you can do with Keepa, it's not just about their very in-depth charts.

You can also source for products, find Amazon flips (remember Never buy an Amazon flip via Prime shipping, this is against Amazon's Terms of Service!), check out all the different categories and what products are selling well,  for ideas of what to source, check if Amazon has shared the Buy Box in the past and by what %,  put alerts on price drops of certain asins, and lots more.​​

Screenshot 2021-07-27 at 09.38.08.png
I have recently started adding my own "unique" listings to Amazon. These listings are somewhere between Online Arbitrage and Private label.


I bundle together branded or un-branded products and add something unique to make it my own listing. This could be my own handmade recipe card or something that is tricky for others to buy.


I learnt how to do this in Elite Sellers academy, which is a weekly training program and private Facebook group (info above)

Helium 10 has been brilliant at helping me find products that people are looking for using keywords and products that are already selling. 

If you are doing standard OA then as much as it would be useful and can be used, I would say it is probably like using a cannon to swat a fly.


But if you are looking for software to help you with Private Label or Unique bundles then in my opinion this is the software you need. ​


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FREE SOFTWARE and chrome extensions i use

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