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Stumbling blocks that you may encounter on Amazon

I wanted to Share some of the Stumbling blocks that I’ve faced as a new seller, and how if you take them one by one they really aren't as scary as they can first seem.


The biggest Stumbling block you're going to face when selling on Amazon is yourself. Your doubts and fears and worries about stepping into a new world.

I have learnt not to compare myself to others, but use their celebrations and successes to realise what is possible if you put the work in, and use this as inspiration to carry on.


The selling website where you log in is called Seller Central.

When I first logged in and had a look round it felt like I had stepped into an airplane cockpit.

There are so many buttons and options and some which actually do the same thing, I wouldn’t say it's very user friendly for a new user.

I am still learning, and it does get easier.


Finding a product that gets you a profit can be tricky in the beginning. it can take a long time when you first start and this can really put people off. It feels like you're getting nowhere!

I would suggest getting a free trial of some kind of sourcing deal sheet or website. This will give you an idea of where to find deals and what products sell well. Check out my software review page to see what I use.


When you start looking at deals it may seem like you're gated in lots of products, There are still tons of products you can sell on Amazon until you’ve got ungated. So when you find something you can sell, concentrate on that item and try and find similar things until you are ungated in the other categories.


I have done quite a few free trials of different software. Deal sheets, Deal software, Amazon calculators that analyse deals. Repricing software and Sales and profit software. I am currently doing a review and recommendation of what I am currently using and why it works for me.

Don’t give up, ask for help.

What's been your biggest Stumbling Block?



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