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Hello 2021 great to see you! Let's start selling on Amazon 💚

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I am usually a very positive type of person. A half full, look on the brightside, always find a silver lining kind of girl.

However the last week of 2020 sucked the life out of me and brought me to my knees when I caught Covid 19.

I'm not a tinfoil hat wearing anti vaxxer. All of my children have been fully Vac'ed up. From the moment they were born they had those needles stuck in them, and then every due vaccine after that. But when I heard that the new Covid vaccine was already being rolled out I did think, why not just give it to all the old and vulnerable people, and let the rest of us carry on with our normal lives.

I've changed my mind - take the vaccine - protect yourself. I have never felt so shit in my whole life. Not even after drinking a whole bottle of vodka with my best friend at about 15.

I am however thankful that Mother Nature decided not to try and kill off the children, who seem to have hardly been affected in our house. They only seemed to suffer with a headache and dizziness and a bit of a cough.

Ok enough of that 2020 bullshit, it's 2021 Thank God! time to celebrate new growth and exciting ventures!!

I look forward to growing my Amazon Business and hearing how you are growing yours too 💚



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