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Amazon Seller Software Addict - Trying out Amazon Profit and Loss Software

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Today I realised how much of an Amazon software addict I am. I like trying different Amazon software and apps out (just to check I'm not missing out, and yes I do get FOMO).

I have been using Seller Toolkit for almost a year now and I really like it. I have recommended it to people who ask about Amazon Profit and Loss software, and it seems accurate.

My favourite features are the replenishment tab and the product history, which I use when deciding whether to buy a product again, and check how many sales and how much profit the product/s have made (or not).

I also like that I can see an overview of my inventory, showing in stock, inbound, warehouse damaged etc and the total COG's, potential sales and potential profit that I currently have in Amazon for FBA.

Seller Toolkit has been my go-to profit and loss software for nearly a year, and I thought it did everything I needed it to do.


Then I tried the beta version of Sumfully. Which is a new Amazon Profit and Loss software, which connects to Buy Bot Pro and Profit Protector Pro (both that I use and love). Being able to have all my software connect is a real winner, and I love that it goes back to your very first sale for no extra cost.

I can see it has massive potential as the Owners are renowned for producing great software that is constantly evolving and improving with new and great features that both they, and their customers have thought of. Also their customer service has been top notch every time I have reached out to them.

Sumfully is also partnered with a British accountant who specialises in Amazon and online businesses, and the features they have coming in the future sound amazing and i'm sure Sumfully will be one of the best Amazon Profit and Loss Softwares out there once it is out of beta.

I also have a subscription to Helium 10, as I use this to make my Amazon bundles. Helium 10 is an amazing piece of software.

It is mainly targeted towards Private label, but it also has features that can help with Online Arbitrage and even Wholesale, although probably a bit pricey if that is all you're using it for.

I am now heavily invested into making bundles on Amazon which is somewhere between Online Arbitrage and Private label, and Helium 10 is perfect for what I do.

It helps with Product Research (blackbox), Keyword Research (Cerebro) Keyword Processing (Frankenstein) and Listing Optimisation (Scribbles). These are the main features I currently use, but there is so much more that I haven't had a chance to try out yet.

They also have a Profit and Loss Feature which is quite nice, but again seems more useful to use if you're doing Private Label.

You would think that Seller Toolkit, Sumfully and Helium 10 would be enough for me, but no.

I recently heard another Amazon Seller (let's call him Jonny Smith - because his name is Jonny Smith 😆 ) talking about how Sellerboard automatically fulfils eBay orders using Amazon Multi Channel Fulfilment. I have recently been trying to increase my ebay sales and have been doing this manually using Amazon's MCF.

For me having another stream of income and not relying on Amazon totally is what I am currently working on, and the upside is I don't need to keep any products at home or have another 3PL fulfil these orders. The downside is they don't combine postage for you, as your products could be in several different warehouses. But for me this works for now.

I also heard the Queen of Amazon (Natalie Cromie - who knows Amazon inside out and who reads their Terms of Service for fun 🤪 ) talking about how Sellerboard gives you an Amazon Pay per click advertising breakdown. Which unlike standard OA, when you are doing Amazon bundles you need to be doing PPC. So this was also something I wanted to look into as my PPC spending was all over the place and I needed to keep an eye on it, as it is very easy to spend more than you're earning.

So I went ahead and tried out Sellerboard and it looks pretty amazing! I have just started a 2 month free trial and uploaded all my COG's from Sumfully to Sellerboard. I connected my Amazon and ebay account, which was also simple.

I then added my monthly expenses (software, accountant etc) and then linked my Amazon SKU's to my ebay SKU's and have now connected them so that if I get an order on ebay, Sellerbord will automatically send my product to the customer using Amazon's MCF.

Boom! that's just saved me a job.

It also has a very clear and easy to read profit and loss table showing all the incomings and outgoings and has shown me exactly how much I have made every month since I started, and I can clearly see what I am spending too much on.......

You can try Sellerboard out with 2 months free trial instead of 1 month.

So now I know what I need to do, i'm off to make some adjustments to my Amazon software subscriptions and spend some time reviewing my Amazon PPC.

It is so easy to get caught up with the everyday Amazon tasks and working IN our businesses, we sometimes forget to work ON our businesses.

I wanted to share this blog with you and ask you, when was the last time you reviewed your outgoings and checked how much you were spending?

If you want to see all the software I currently use and a more in depth breakdown of them you can find it here



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