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Amazon Seller Central Daily Routine

Amazon is a brilliant platform to sell products on, but as most of us have found out, sometimes you may find yourself in a pickle when the Amazon Bots pick something up that they don't like about your account or one of your listings.

I recently changed from a professional individual account to a limited company and this triggered an issue on my account and I was deactivated.

Legally in the eyes of HMRC, I hadn't done anything wrong, but Amazon wanted to check that I was not a scammer and that my business was legitimate.

Luckily for me, I use a sourcing software called Buy Bot Pro which comes with an Amazon account insurance called Suspension Safeguard. They helped me get my account back and had Amazon done what they were supposed to it probably would have been much sooner than the 2 weeks it took. The advice and assistance I got from them were both speedy and extremely thorough, and the personalised Plan of action was nothing like what I would have written myself, they know what Amazon want to hear and it isn't always what you might think.

For the peace of mind of keeping your Amazon account safe, I can't recommend Suspension Safeguard enough.

In the end, I got an apology from Amazon and a statement that said if I thought they had done wrong I could go to the financial ombudsman. I decided against this as I didn't fancy ruffling any feathers at Amazon and dragging it out any longer. I was just happy to get my account reactivated.

It has made me realise that I have all my eggs in one basket (sorry for all the bird analogies but I think they are cracking 🐣) At least I can say it had a happy ending overall, and I have managed to add more listings to eBay, which is something I had been thinking about doing for a while.

Most people will at some point get a violation on their account. They can vary from just taking a Brand name out of the title of your listing, to the extreme of having your account deactivated and not be able to remove your products, or any of your money. These suspected or actual violations can come out of the blue, but sometimes we can get hints or clues that we might be heading for trouble.

As well as checking my account is still active every morning, and dispersing my money daily now, the screenshots below are also what I do every morning. It takes about 2 minutes to do, but your account health is something that you should try and be aware of.

  • Click on Performance - Account Health in Seller central - and do a quick scan to see if there are any new alerts in Customer Service Performance, Policy Compliance and Delivery Performance.

  • Don't forget to look down at the bottom right hand corner for any Product Compliance Requests.

  • If you have any Product compliance requests you can check how long you have to submit the requests here.

  • Performance - Voice of the customer - Keep an eye on this, as it can give you a heads up if there is a problem with one of your products. Too many Very Poor votes on a product can send it to stranded


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